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Reinhart & Company CPA's firm prepares individual, partnerships, corporate,
and fiduciary (estate and inheritance) and nonprofit returns.

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Why your return should be prepared by a Certified Public Accountant.

As Certified Public Accountants we can meet all of your tax preparation needs!

Why your return should be prepared by a Certified Public Accountant.

The government wants to make taxes easier, yet every year they become more and more complicated.

As incomes increase there are Phase-Outs of certain Deductions and Credits and the "dreaded" Alternative Minimum Tax.

Changing family dynamics bring a host of questions about Dependency Deductions, Medical Deductions, Child Care, Education and the infamous "Kiddie Tax".

The days of people commuting to work and working 9 to 5 are long over. With the help of technology employees work from home, their car and even while on vacation. Home Office Deductions and Employee Business Expenses are often over-looked.

With the increased number of lawsuits in America, more and more businesses are becoming incorporated or limited liability companies. With extra protection comes extra paperwork and filing requirements.

Time is Money.
Hiring a certified public accountant is not free. But paying exorbitant penalties and interest for mistakes made is not free either - Not to mention that your time is precious. Why be struggling through preparing a tax return or answering questions on a computer (that you are not even sure why the computer is asking the question) when you could be earning money doing what you do best?

Peace of Mind.
When you pay someone to do something you expect that it is done correctly. By hiring a certified public accountant you can have the assurance that your return was prepared in the utmost professional manner, saving your taxes while still abiding by the law!

As Certified Public Accountants we can meet all of your Tax Preparation needs!

Reinhart & Company CPA's staff will prepare your return using the most efficient and up-to-date tax preparation software used in America today! We have the capability to prepare taxes for any state.

With our vast experience your return will be reviewed for "missing items" and "red flags".

Our staff will go over the return with you to be sure that you understand why tax is being owed or refunded.

Continuing with our commitment to excellence your return is reviewed by three people before it is considered complete. Of course you are not charged for having three people review your return. But it is this type of detailed checking and service that reduces the number of notices that you will receive from the taxing authorities later!

Corporations, Partnerships and the ever popular LLC are all unique with very different tax rules. Our firm can help you decide which business formation is ideal for you and make sure that you are completing the proper tax forms.

Business tax returns require tax planning which we offer so that you can anticipate the amount of tax that you will pay before it is too late!

Tax Preparation and Tax Planning go hand-in-hand.
Give Reinhart & Company CPA's a call to set up an appointment to be your Tax Preparer!